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Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси. Что посмотреть в окресностях.

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Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси. Что посмотреть в окресностях.

andrewcrow » 10 июн 2020, 10:42

Планирую посетить с девушкой Тбилиси с 24 октября по 01 ноября. Посоветуйте, пожалуйста, где в Тбилиси недорого остановиться что бы посмотреть всю красоту этого города? Возможно кто-то сможет поделиться личным опытом

Личный опыт: искать жилье и бронировать на этом сайте: Поиск и аренда апартаментов, квартиры в Тбилиси
Вопросы по достопримечательностям задавать здесь: Вопросы о Грузии: погода, цены, достопримечательности и здесь: Маршруты по Грузии

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

zalmen » 19 июн 2020, 00:55

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

andrewcrow » 19 июн 2020, 09:40

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

zalmen » 19 июн 2020, 11:27

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Дмитрий1967 » 19 июн 2020, 11:31

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

zalmen » 19 июн 2020, 11:37

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Дмитрий1967 » 19 июн 2020, 11:45

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

zalmen » 19 июн 2020, 12:01

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Gippo » 19 июн 2020, 12:09

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Дмитрий1967 » 19 июн 2020, 12:26

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Babaika_13 » 24 июл 2020, 20:34

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

andrewcrow » 04 авг 2020, 10:58

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси

Дмитрий1967 » 04 авг 2020, 11:43

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси. Что посмотреть в окресностях.

starwalkerman » 20 сен 2020, 21:46

Там же сходить на Фуникулёр, в Тбилисский ботанический сад, залезть на крепость нарикала.

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси. Что посмотреть в окресностях.

Лиман » 24 сен 2020, 17:53

Re: Где недорого остановиться в Тбилиси. Что посмотреть в окресностях.

infernal_fire » 12 окт 2020, 12:22

Апартаменты Apartment at Freedom Square, Тбилиси. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

Лучшее в Афинах у Ваших ног: Only five blocks from the Acropolis, explore Athens with ease by staying in our Studio Loft Apartment located in historic Plaka at the foothills of the Parthenon, across from the National Gardens and just five blocks from Syntagma (Constitution) Square. Although you wont be needing any form of transportation during your stay here, Athens main Metro Station at Syntagma Square (a.k.a. Constitution Square) and the Acropolis Metro Station are just a quick two minute walk away. The Acropolis/Parthenon Graphic Town of Plaka Ancient Agora Syndagma Square(Constitution Square) Parliament National Gardens of Athens Ancient Herodeon Theatre Benaki Museum Mt Lykavittos. are all within a very short walk of the studio. Since you will be staying in the Quaint Area of Plaka, traditional Greek restaurants and coffee shops are just around the corner! Clubs, bars, and other night life attractions are also just a short walk away. Shopping for anything from designer shoes to souvenirs is another pleasure you can easily indulge yourself in when staying at our Studio.

Студия: STUDIO GENERAL INFO -100m2 (1184ft2) 2 level, Studio Loft apartment -Sleeps 6 -Located on the Ground floor of a 5 story building -Studio located on quiet, cobblestoned street, virtualy no traffic -Cafes, restraunts & antiquities just around the corner -Looks out upon and French doors open up to a charming terrace with trees and greenery BOTTOM LEVEL -Air-conditioned 40m2. (484ft2) Open Plan Living, Dining, Kitchenette area and W.C. (Half Bath) -Double pull out sofa bed, comfy lounge chair, coffee table -TV, DVD -Dining Room which seats 6, -Half Bath (W.C.), Kitchenette, airconditioning -Kitchenette — 1 electric burner, microwave, refridgerator/freezer, plateware, utensils, pots, pans.(Kitchenette is not big enough to prepare large suppers for many people, but perfect for making small meals, a fresh Greek salad with feta cheese, breakfast, snacks, and of course, Greek coffee!) UPPER LEVEL- «The Loft» -Air-conditioned 60 m2 (646 ft2)sleeping area -1 double bed, 2 single beds -Although sleeping areas are secluded from each other, portable partitions are available for further privacy -1 Small Bathroom (sink, toliet, shower stall)

Что-нибудь еще об этом месте, где Вы собираетесь остановиться: If you have any questions concerning the Studio in Plaka or wondering about interesting things to do and see during your stay here in Athens. just ask us! We are happy to help. ***NOTE: 150 euro Refundable Breakage Deposit must be submitted in Cash Upon Arrival***

Yerevan Landmarks, Armenia

The Great Cascade

There is no similar structure anywhere on the post-Soviet territory. At first sight it is difficult to define its genre: it is neither a monument nor a building. Read more.

The State Museum of History of Armenia

The State Museum of History of Armenia was founded in 1921 and of the Museum complex on the Republic Square occupying its two ground floors. The Museum collection has about 400,000 exhibits. Read more.

The State Picture Gallery of the country is a part of the big Museum complex on the Republic Square. It is one of the largest museums on the territory of the CIS, and the world’s largest in the collection of Armenian fine arts. Read more.

Museum of History of the City of Yerevan

The oldest museum of Armenia created in 1931 has collected about 80 thousand exhibits which represent various periods of Yerevan existence from the times of the city’s beginning to present days. Read more.

Republic Square

Republic Square is the central square of the city created under the guidance of architect A.Tamanian in 1926. It had been called Lenin Square until 1991. The square is well-known for its monumental national architecture. Read more.

Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran

“Matenadaran” means a «book-depository» in ancient Armenian. Indeed, Matenadaran is the pride of Armenian culture, the world’s largest storage of ancient manuscripts. It towers over Mesrop Mashtots Prospect in the centre of Yerevan. Read more.

Alexander Tamanian Museum

The architect Alexander Tamanian is the true father of Yerevan. Read more.

Opera and Ballet Theatre

One of the most outstanding Yerevan landmarks is the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Located in the heart of the capital it was designed by the architect Alexander Tamanian who connected two auditoriums in a uniform semicircular building in unusual manner. Read more.

Victory Park

On the green space of Norksk height is located the Victory Park or “Akhtanak” Park dedicated to the victory of the USSR in the Second World War. It is one of favorite places Yerevan citizens. Read more.

Sergey Paradzhanov Memorial Home

Sergey Paradzhanov, the film director who glorified Armenia , is one of the most outstanding directors of the present time who created the modern language of cinema, the artist, whose art has no analogues in the world’s art. Read more.

Khachaturian Memorial Home

The greatest composer of the present time, Aram Khachaturian is especially esteemed in his homeland as the genius who presented ancient Armenian folk music to the world in the new light. The immortal glory of the composer brought the pearls of his work — his ballets known all over the world — “Gayane” and “Spartacus”, his music to Lermontov’s drama «Masquerade» and many others. Read more.

David of Sasun

In the center of the railway station square towers the monument to David of Sasun – the hero of Armenian folk epos who personified the freedom-loving nature of Armenians for centuries. Read more.


This is the monument to the victims of the genocide of 1915. It was erected in 1967 on the hill top on Tsitsernakaberd plateau to the east of the city center. Read more.

Museum of Genocide of Armenians

Near the mausoleum there is the Museum of the Genocide of Armenians. It was opened in 1995 when the 80 th anniversary of the genocide of Armenians was marked. Read more.

St. Katogike Church

This church in the form of simple basilica without a dome was constructed in 1693-95 and used to be one of the largest churches of Yerevan. Read more.

St. Astvatsatsin Church

The ancient St. Astvatsatsin church suffered badly from the destructive earthquake of 1679 and in the end of the 17 th century was restored on the money donated by local residents. Read more.

St. Zoravor Church

St. Zoravor church is one of the oldest churches in Yerevan. Originally it was named after Astvatsatsin (the Virgin). The church was erected in Shaar district of old Yerevan. Read more.

St . Sargis Church

From the times of early Christianity right across Erebuni fortress there was a monastery which comprised the churches of St. Sargis, St. Gevork, and St. Akop. Read more.

Erebuni Fortress

The history of ancient Yerevan begins with Arin — Berd hill in the southeast part of Yerevan where archeologists restored the ruins of Erebuni, the ancient fortress, which gave city its life. Until the first half of the 20 th century nobody had known about Erebuni. Read more.

Erebuni Museum

Erebuni Museum was opened in 1968 in the honor of the city of Erebuni 2,750 th anniversary. It is situated at the foot of Arin-Berd hill; there you will see a number of valuable objects of Urartu culture. Read more.

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